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Alain Saint-Joanis


As craftsmen, we are passionate about using rare, noble and precious products. We are also passionate about design, and objects which have a history and a soul.  A member of the Atelier d'Art de France, Federation of craft professionals, Alain Saint-Joanis have been designing and creating exceptional cutlery since 1876.  Craftsmanship, skills and know-how which have been passed on from father to son.

Making cutlery has been in our DNA for many generations. We have turned this heritage into a passion, which we still share today as a family.  The ancient cutlery designs, on show at the Thiers Cutlery Museum which houses the largest collection in the world, are, by their very French elegance, an inexhaustible source of inspiration for all our creations.  We are proud to perpetuate an artistic craft, which gives sense and purpose to our work.

Alain Saint-Joanis, a voyage with emotion, beauty and infinite luxury.  Available in store, and coming to the website soon!  Please call 513-871-1961 for assistance.