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Paperproducts Design USA (PPD) has been designing and manufacturing fine paper tableware and accessories for the North American market since 1994. All of our napkins, guest towels and Sniffs are produced to the highest standards at our factory in Germany using the latest in industry printing technology, and our paper plates are manufactured to the same level of quality here in the USA.

In its 24 years, PPD has become the leading supplier of tabletop paper goods and other home décor products to thousands of upscale retail accounts in the US and Canada. We continue to grow by adding new categories which enable our valued customers to build powerful design stories and lifestyle vignettes in their stores. In addition to our core paper tableware, we also offer kitchen textiles, new bone china tableware, decorative matches produced in Europe, pet bowls, decorated wood lacquered trays, glass teaware, pulpboard coaster sets, and our newest accessory – stainless steel water bottles.

PPD is proud to be designing for YOU, the retailer who dares to be innovative, bringing many unique products together with style and a sense of uniqueness. We strive to be part of that endeavor by collaborating with many national and international artists, giving us the ability to diversify the styles, colors, themes and textures featured in our products in order to satisfy all personal tastes, interests and decor.

Beyond its own line, PPD has assisted top retailers, department stores and specialty accounts in the development and production of private label product lines, bringing its own experience, expertise and quality to their projects.