Isis Ceramics - Deborah Sears
  • Isis Ceramics - Deborah Sears

Isis Ceramics - Deborah Sears


Over the years, Deborah Sears has developed a studio of artists at Isis Ceramics whose high level of craftsmanship is dedicated to making hand-produced and hand-painted designs that express a spontaneity and character of the human spirit that is sadly lost in products that are mass produced.  Starting with carefully prepared lumps of clay, the pots begin their journey.


Firstly, using techniques that have changed little since the early 1600’s, the shapes are cast, formed and then fired to a light biscuit.  Now ready for glazing, the pots are dipped into the white silky cream of a tin glaze and after drying are ready for painting.


The painting is a highly skilled process and working with a selection of oxides and ground pigments, the artist paints directly onto the biscuit.  When painting is complete, the piece is fired to a gloss and after a lengthy cooling down period the kiln is unpacked and the ceramics inspected.