4&quot; Bowl - Pink Ice Multi <br>(2 in stock)


4" Bowl - Pink Ice Multi
(2 in stock)

Inconspicuous Beauty. Julia Knight’s Dogwood Bowl is hand-sculpted to elegantly portray the delicate shape of nature’s dogwood flower. This stunning piece is hand painted to reflect the soft texture and color variations found in nature creating a life-like artistic visual of the flowering dogwood. Each piece is individually hand-made of sand cast aluminum which is sculpted, polished and finished with a proprietary blend of enamel mixed with crushed mother of pearl powder that dazzles the eye with its unique capiz-like swirls. A pretty piece to serve nuts or sauces! Beautifully mixes and matches with Julia Knight’s other floral and leaf silhouettes to create a flourishingly table display! Don’t forget to check out all of our stunning color options!


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